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Common Memory Technology (CMT)

The CMT creates a unified virtual network, to combine the unlimited number of training systems within this network connection. All dynamic objects (aircrafts, ships, ground vehicles, etc.), located in the virtual scene of the simulation systems are converted into local coordinates and then transferred into a global coordinate standard WGS84.

Additional static objects in the scene (airports, cities, etc.) are integrated to the synthetic environment of GVS. CMT supports a variety of operating systems (Microsoft and *nix) and the most common standards of 3D graphics (*.OBJ, *.FBX, Open Flight, VBS2/3, DirectX, Collada).

The CMT product includes:

  • Common Memory Server (CMS)
  • Common Memory Client (CMC)
  • Protocols ICRRU and TKRB-12

Universal Launching System (ULS)

ULS is a flexible solution for creating the complex and high-performance systems in a short timeframe. The plugins or software modules which are provided by the third party can be integrated with any other systems based on this technology. Our solution supports the unified communicating interfaces with a performance control system for realization of maximum efficiency in our products. ULS is a fully cross-platform system (Windows / *nix OS) and supports the common memory technology. Supports protocols ICRRU and TKRB-12.


Remote System Control (RSC)

RSC is a cost-effective flexible interface for remote control of ULS on the unlimited numbers of computers. The system has a flexible interface with the possibility of connecting the ULS module. Supports protocols ICRRU and TKRB-12.


RSC has the ability to extend its functionality with additional modules:


  • GUI module
  • Rendering and control of data processing module
  • Module for Frame Grabber
  • Expansion module for data communication with external modules



Software Development Kit (SDK)

Software development kit functions as a set of independent modules, allowing developers to create an incredible range of software in a short time.  It is designed for military and civil simulators development, but can be adapted for business applications.

Key features:

  • Dynamic relief and texture loading;
  • Level of detail (LOD) for dynamic and static objects;
  • Supported formats: OpenFlight (*.flt), Collada (*.dae), DirectX (*.x), etc.;
  • Multi-core system support (CPU & GPU);
  • Real-time rendering of up to 35000 units;
  • Supported OS: Windows 7 (32/64), Windows 8, Windows Server 2008 R2;
General modules:
  • System core;
  • 3D Engine (image generator);
  • Control environment;
  • Camera (observer in 3D georeferenced world);
  • Input/Output (support of Human Interface Devices);
  • Surface (preparation of surface rendering);
  • Command Line (data processing of commands);
  • Simple Model Loader (loader of static and dynamic units);
  • Variables (storage system of various constants);
  • Console control system by optional codes;
  • Environment (visualization of environment);

CMT supports:

Database Generation System (DGS)

Global Visual System (GVS)

Common Memory Technology (CMT)

Training Systems


Air Traffic Management & Control

Flight Simulation

Ground Vehicles Simulation

Emergency/First Response

Helicopter Simulation

Weapon Virtual Training

UAS Operator Training

Sensors / MDA