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Global Visual System (GVS)™

The GVS is a flexible 3D engine for displaying static and dynamic objects in a common virtual environment.

The main part of the GVS is the server. The server manages and synchronizes all events occurring during the joint exercise. Such events include training scenarios, weather conditions, time of day. The entire virtual environment is displayed in the common GVS database.

The database can represent large geographic areas up to the entire planet with georeferenced satellite images and elevation data at basic resolution of 15 meters/pixel as per WGS84 standard.

Every 3D scene looks near-photorealistic with the GVS image generator due to advanced shading and lighting models, accurate atmospheric effects and lifelike post-processing.


The GVS product includes:

  • Global Visual System (GVS)
  • Global Visual System Retail (GVS RTL)
  • Software for preparation of background target environment
  • Protocols ICRRU and TKRB-12

Image Gallery

LOD technology (Level of Detail)


Real time Day & night cycles


Dynamic Ocean Surface



Database Generation System (DGS)

Global Visual System (GVS)

Common Memory Technology (CMT)

Training Systems


Air Traffic Management & Control

Flight Simulation

Ground Vehicles Simulation

Emergency/First Response

Helicopter Simulation

Weapon Virtual Training

UAS Operator Training

Sensors / MDA